Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Business

By David Ferrers

Having been in business for over 50 years and having run three successful businesses in that time, I feel qualified to claim, categorically, that today is the most suitable time ever to start a new business.

The thing is that you can do any amount of market research, you can study case histories until you have an encyclopedic awareness of what works and you can dig into the present business situation until you're a world expert and it will make very little difference to your chances of success or failure.

Our NLP training, my personal experience and the experiences of many other entrepreneurs show, very clearly, it is not knowledge that is the basis of success. It is attitude that creates success. The people who believe that they'll succeed are the ones who will succeed. And it is this self belief that is the difference between succeeding and failing in all types of human endeavour.

Hence if you're considering starting your own business you need to check out whether or not you believe you will succeed. It's your belief that will drive you to overcome the hurdles that the world will place across your path.

In NLP we've got a presupposition (an assumption that something is true) that says: "We have inside us all the resources we will ever need". The experience of thousands of entrepreneurs is it is the facility to surmount challenges that creates success in any field of endeavour.

At the time of the great recession of the early nineteen nineties, when the USA economy was in dire straits more people became self-made millionaires than at any period in the history of the USA.

It isn't what is happening in the world that will make you successful but what is going on inside of you that will make you successful. The difference that makes the difference is your belief in yourself.

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