A Different Profession To Nurses?

By Lonnie Kroeker

A medical assistant is an expert who furnishes or even gives administrative support to hospital consultants, health support managers or medical researchers. It ensure that the operations of the office run properly. This necessitates them to be well-organized so as optimize the effectiveness of their employers time.

Entry specifications to work being a medical assistant

This career needs people with a great academic track record in order to be able to execute all tasking tasks cut out for them. Some of the specifications are:

Posses a high school diploma or an equivalent relevant degree. An experience in the medical area is an additional advantage.

Superb typing and also computer know-how. Individuals with office experience and word processing have an extra benefit.

Must have carried out a general secretariat or medial secretariat course prior to applying for the task.

Outstanding communication skills. Information in more than one language is highly chosen.

Have several training in educational courses just like medical terminology, human anatomy, insurance billing and word running abilities.

Have a mastery in writing in shorthand and a cooperative office training

Ability to concert efforts and work as a team or his/her own initiative.

If one is already doing work in a medical facility, he/she might gain promotion to a medical assistant if he/she pursues a professional course like: City &Guilds/ Association of medical secretaries, practice managers and also receptionists and Certificate in medical secretariat course

Additionally one can construct his/her experience through an apprenticeship structure for instance an administrative or clerical work placement which is very pertinent.

Work environment of medical secretaries

Considering that medical secretaries posses a broad knowledge concerning numerous subjects, their assistance are needed in several areas. Some of the catchment areas of medical secretaries are:

- Hospitals - Clinics - Insurance companies - Pharmaceutical companies - Private practice - Doctors offices - Community health care - Educational institutions and medical study institutions - General practice

Remuneration package for healthcare secretaries

It is expected that job opportunities for healthcare secretaries is said to increase in the next 10 years. This means that the job is a hot cake on the market thus it will fetch a good salary to those employed. This is also raised by the fact that medical secretaries conduct tasks which could otherwise be one by managers as well as other experts.

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