Different Ideas for Different Sorts of Speech

By Sandra Carter

The very idea of preparing and giving a speech in front of the class is almost always feared. "What if I mess up?" "Everyone will be staring at me." "I have to stand up there for how many minutes?" Unless you're the student sitting at the desk watching, you really would prefer to be some other place. And speech ideas... ? Those aren't that easy to make up. Here is a hint: Think about what you and your peers are interested in. What do almost all of you like to do? Truth is there will be a large amount of things you have in common and can relate to. If you need some help with speech ideas check out AboutTopics.com.

Once you have a topic, own it! Be able to convince your listeners and make sure your words sound right. Make them want to be on your side!

Some interesting speech ideas could be "What is the major business problem in your local area?" "Should etiquette be taught in schools?" "Should physical education in schools be compulsory?"

Once you've got a speech idea you're going to need to figure out what type of speech you want to give your audience.

An informative speech is pretty self explanatory, but I'll let you know what it consists of anyway. You are going to deliver the info or message clearly to your listeners. It should ideally be composed of objects, events, concepts or a process. Think of something you're interested in or something that you know how to do well. The more familiar you are with whatever you select the better your speech will be and the easier it'll be delivering your message.

On the other hand you may wish to give a descriptive speech. A descriptive speech provides much more detail. It should be vivid and clear. Your audience should be able to put a word on the individual, animal, place or object that you are speaking about.

You might even need to try a narrative speech. A narrative speech tells a story by relating to a few events. "A significant family event." "A remarkable vacation." "A milestone that seemed bad, but turned out to be good."

No matter what you decide, have confidence. Good luck and have a great time!

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