The Right Facebook PPC Management Firm: How To Find

By Sienna Pitt

A good SEO firm can definitely help you with your Facebook marketing efforts. While it is time consuming and difficult to master, Facebook marketing can be extremely effective when you know what you're doing. For lots of people, it is simply a waste of time.

Why Use Facebook for PPC?

Facebook PPC is getting lots of hype. While this might be a stretch, it certainly is popular and can make you a lot of money when used right. According to lots of people, this is the next big marketing thing. However, it really is just a different platform for pay per click advertising-albeit a highly trafficked one. Chances are if you know your way around Google Adwords, you'll understand how to make money with Facebook ads as well.

Be Cautious

If you market the wrong way, just like Adwords, you can lose lots of money. Therefore, if you're looking to begin advertising, you might want to outsource the process. It can be tempting to just take a Facebook course and begin doing the work yourself. However, Facebook marketing can be very time consuming, and attempting to master it all on your own is usually not the best choice.

Instead, selecting a good PPC management company is likely the best choice. Here are three tips for locating the best firm:

Make sure they target your advertising

The real professionals will be able to match your message to the market you're looking to reach. The secret is not in getting a lot of clicks. Instead, it's increasing your return on investment. Be skeptical if a company boasts about how you can get a huge amount of traffic. Traffic does not equal profits. Therefore, make sure they focus on the right group of people. The trick is to go after those who would be interested in your ad. For instance, let's say you sell a vertical jump program, you would target people interested in basketball, volleyball, and other sports requiring jumping.

Make Sure Ads are Tested

As with Adwords, testing is important on Facebook. Make sure that they're always split testing two ads to see which performs best, so they can eventually discard the worse one and keep the better performing one. This is the most effective way to increase your click through rates, and ultimately lower your cost per click and increase the number of clicks you get.

Remember Your Responsibilities

Getting clicks is only 50% of the battle. That's the company's job. Your job is to make sure that your website is converting well. Therefore, you want to definitely be testing variables on your site to further improve the conversion rate, such as headlines, prices, guarantees, etc.


Facebook advertising is simply an additional way to get your message out there. Don't stop your Adwords and Yahoo ads simply because you begin to make money on Facebook. Instead, look at it for what it is-merely another strategy of driving more traffic. Use these tips, and you'll locate the best PPC management firm to help you become profitable.

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