Nokia released a new flagship Lumia 900 WP back to the U.S.

By Jerri Lily

Nokia today in the United States Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show released the next-generation flagship product WindowsPhone Lumia900. Nokia CEO StephenElop, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT & T president, de la Vega attended the conference. Everyone predict that this meeting will be a turning of the Nokia to come bake to the cellphone marketing of the U.S.

Elop introduced, said Nokia Lumia900 with 1.4GHz processor, memory, 512MB, is divided into two versions of 16GB/32GB. The appearance is similar to N9, metal forming one. This is the third system WindowPhone of Nokia mobile phone.

Lumia900 is equipped with 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, using the ClearBlackDisplay display with a resolution of 800 * 480. Camera, the machine is a front camera for video calls, after the camera for the 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss certification.

Nokia said, Lumia900 will be released by the largest U.S. operator AT & T. This machine is the first smartphone of Nokia to support LTE4G technology, and the battery capacity of 1830mAh.

Elop said that the end of October this year, and the Lumia 800 and 710 has the outstanding performance in the European market, Nokia now even with the remarkable Lumia900 want to enter the U.S. market. Prior to the sale of Lumia710 cooperation with T-mobile, it will be sale with the two-year contract price $ 49.99.

Elop has repeatedly stressed at the press conference that actually the smart phone is the ecosystem, Nokia has cooperated with CNN, ESPN and other content providers with 4GLTE high-speed network to provide mobile entertainment experience.

Earlier last year, AT & T were losing the iPhone exclusive rights to operate in the U.S., Apple reached an sales agreement with the second largest U.S. operator Verizon and Sprint's third-largest carrier of iPhone. For AT & T, the significance of reaching an agreement is so important with WindowsPhone. They want to diversify product mix in order to reduce the risk of over-reliance on the iPhone.

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